Ca$h Me Outside (CMO$)


A BRAND NEW CryptoCurrency MeMe coin which is more scarce than any before!


Ca$h Me Outside is a new MEME Coin added to the BSC chain. 

We will have an initial presale which will sell 77% of tokens, and lock 77% of all liquidity forever... Current contract set at 10 Years. (Yay not another rug pull)

There is a limited amount of 100,000 CMO$ only, making it one of the most scarce Meme coin currently around, with a true moonshot potential!

PRESALE: 59829 tokens for Presale with a further 31127 on a 10 year liquidity lock. Over 90% Instantly into community hands / Long term liquidity one of the greatest % to date.

The only purpose of this coin is to Ca$h Shiba Inu outside in a moonshot battle. Will you be one of the HODL'ers who help take us to the moon?

Upon liquidity lock, this token is public property owned by nobody but the token holders. 



Most importantly our roadmap... Well...There isn't one... If we had a roadmap then we wouldn't truly be aiming for the moon... we would be aiming for the freeway.


Contract Address




Total Supply: 100000 CMO$

Tokens For Presale 59829 CMO$

Tokens For Liquidity 31127.25 CMO$

Marketing & Dev = <7.85k

Soft Cap40 BNB

Hard Cap77 BNB

Presale Rate777.0000 CMO$ per BNB

Minimum Contribution0.1 BNB

Maximum Contribution5 BNB

Presale Start Time16 May 2021 at 14:00

Presale End Time16 May 2021 at 16:00

PancakeSwap Listing Rate525.0000 CMO$ per BNB

PancakeSwap Liquidity %77

Liquidity Unlock Date18 May 2031 at 16:00

This Cryptocurrency is public property, the contract renounced upon creation.

Ca$h Meme on our trip to the moon (CMO$)